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The only Price alert bot you need

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The App

Reinventing Alert Bots on Stacks

StacksAlert Data

  • More than 200 Active Users

  • 1.9 million Bot opens

  • 1.8 million command Uses

  • 235.624 Average Queries per second



Here are the innovative features of StacksAlert

Set Price Alerts

StacksAlert's price alert command tracks the prices of tokens listed on AlexLabs and alerts users when the prices reaches their intended target.

Portfolio Tracking

With the Portfolio command, users can see any whale's token holdings and its value by simply providing a wallet address

In-App Charts

StacksAlert provide in-app charts via telegram which allows users to see the charts without having to exit the app.

High Speed

This Bot has an average response time of less than1 second when setting an alert and notifying users when their intended price target has been reached. The Bot scans AlexLab's Api every second to ensure a fast Alert Notification.



StacksAlert runs 24/7, 7 days a week, for 365 days. The bot does not stop. The code is constantly being monitored to ensure faster and more efficent queries. Since the launch of StacksAlert, there has not been any Downtime.

Project Token


Stack Projects can send us a message on Twitter to get listed on StacksAlert. Token listing provides the following benefits:

  • Can be added to their telegram group

  • Provides Price Alert to their community

  • Bear bot helps users buy the Dip

  • Enjoy Updated features

How the Bot Works


Set a 

Price Alert

When a user uses the /alert command, our bot actively scans Alexlabs' API to get the current price of a token. When the user's alert price has been reached, the bot sends a notification, alerting the user of their price target.

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Users can use the portfolio command to see their portfolio balance without ever leaving Telegram. The bot provides a screenshot of their portfolio including their token holdings and the total current dollar value. This makes sure users can track every movement of their portfolio

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